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A better way to see your tin's quality

Milk Formula Traceability with Friso: Elevating Transparency and Ensuring the Highest Quality

Formula milk quality control and traceability are not just buzzwords; they are a commitment to ensuring that every tin of formula milk can be traced back to its source. With increasing concerns from parents around the quality and origins of formula milk for their little one, understanding the steps involved in producing reliable formula milk is essential. Friso’s TrackEasy exemplifies this commitment to transparency and quality, offering assurance every step of the way. 

Quality Assured from Grass to Glass

You can check local real-time weather and air quality, and learn more about farm quality information, milk inspections, and date of collection. From transportation to packaging and the rigorous checks conducted throughout the journey, every step of the process is available to you at a glance for that added assurance. 

TrackEasy Demo

Track the Journey from Grass to Glass – Formula Traceability and Quality Control made easy

Want to closely follow each production from the milk source to ensure the safety and quality control of milk?

On top of more than 150 years of dairy expertise, we rely on innovative technology to monitor the cows’ physical condition and milk quality with data. We are committed to maintaining the health of our cattle and producing safe and high-quality milk!  

Consistent Quality in Every Tin

Here at Friso, we prioritize the healthy growth of your child. That’s why, from the source of milk to production and export, we implement strict quality control measures throughout every step of the process. 

Our formula milk production plants have  been certified according to FSSC22000 certification schemes. All of our products comply with FrieslandCampina’s internal food safety & quality standards which are fully based upon EU food safety regulations, and CODEX International Food Hygiene Standards. Our internal food safety standards cover various aspects, such as the quality of our finished products, food safety and quality measures implemented at our production plants, and adherence to strict hygiene practices. 

FAQ: Formula Milk Traceability and Quality Control

  • What is traceability in production and why is it important?

    Traceability is the ability to track every aspect involved in the production and distribution of a product. It provides a comprehensive record of a product’s journey from where the ingredients were originally sourced from to the quality assurance checks it went through. All of this is crucial for maintaining the highest standards of product safety and quality. 

  • How do manufacturers ensure end-to-end traceability and quality control?

    Formula milk traceability has evolved significantly with the advancements in technology. With the integration of barcode systems, QR codes, and even blockchain technology, the entire supply chain, from ingredient sourcing to the retailer, can be monitored in real-time. Every production batch number, expiry date, and even specific details about the manufacturing facility can be easily accessed with a simple scan. This high level of transparency guarantees that the information provided to consumers is accurate and authentic.

  • How are supply chains managed?

    The process of producing formula milk involves multiple stages, from the sourcing of milk from our dairy farmers to its final destination on retailers’ shelves. Cutting-edge systems help track the movement of formula milk through distribution centers, guaranteeing efficiency and security in transportation logistics.

  • Are there measures in place for third-party verification and compliance with global standards?

    Absolutely. In Holland, third-party verifications are a standard practice, and are embraced by Friso and our dairy farmers. These independent checks, combined with strict adherence to global standards, ensure that our formula milk’s traceability is not just a claim but a verifiable fact.

  • What happens if there is a product issue?

    In the rare event of a product issue, we have a robust recall system in place, backed by a comprehensive audit trail to pinpoint the exact batch and its distribution. Of course, we welcome any form of feedback from our customers as it helps us improve the traceability process and ensure that it meets their needs. 

  • What are the benefits of using TrackEasy?

    Friso TrackEasy provides specific information around Friso's farms, milk collection, production process, quality checks, and export. With this feature, parents everywhere can be assured with:  

    Real-time Tracking: As soon as the formula is packaged, it is traceable in real-time via TrackEasy, ensuring up-to-date information for consumers.

    Security & Confidentiality: Advanced TrackEasy systems protect data, ensuring that only authorised personnel can access sensitive information.

    A User-friendly Experience: TrackEasy is designed with the consumer in mind, making it easy to access and understand the formula milk's journey.

    Reliability & Accountability: Every step in the supply chain is recorded, to provide a complete and verifiable history of the product.