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Hello. You’ve started your most important journey: You are now a mom or dad.

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Nature's goodness, made better by science

Every mum wants to give their child safe, high-quality milk that's naturally rich in nutrients. That's why we made sure it's easy for you to follow the milk's journey, from grass to glass.


Trace the quality at every step

From our farms to your table, TrackEasy traces each can of milk to give you reassuring details of its entire journey.

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GOS, 2'-FL (HMO), DHA & Vitamin D

DHA & Vitamin D may sound complicated, but these are fatty acids and vitamins that are legally required to be present in follow-up formula. So naturally, they are also included in ours. Additionally, we add the nutritional fiber GOS and 2'-FL (HMO).



Easylid; That makes it easy. A lid containing a measuring spoon, a handy edge for smoothing out the powder and a place to store the spoon hygienically. And, of course, the lid closes tightly. So the powder stays fresh.