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Why Friso

Friso® NOVAS™ Signature Milk - High Quality Formula Milk

Dutch Dairy: Our Gold Standard for Formula Milk

Dutch dairy has long been known for its outstanding quality. The lush pastures of Dutch farms and its climate make it ideal for dairy farming. These farms play a vital role in the European dairy market and are highly respected worldwide. Produced in the Netherlands using high-quality milk sourced from our very own farms, NOVAS™ formula milk is packed with essential nutrients, and retains its freshness, upholding the high standards of quality that is synonymous with Dutch dairy.

New Friso® Gold, made with NOVAS™ Signature Milk

Naturally Small Molecules with Soft Structure

Our new and improved formula for Friso® Gold is made with NOVAS™ Signature Milk, farmed and formulated in The Netherlands. It does not contain added sucrose or flavour. Plus, it contains naturally small molecules and soft structure, and essential nutrients* to support your child's growth and development**.

 * As all follow-on milk
** Zinc contributes to normal growth and the vitamins A, C & D contribute to the normal function of the immune system 

The Netherlands Dairy Industry: Over 150 Years of Dairy Expertise

We are able to draw on our vast experience and knowledge with our over 150 years of dairy expertise to create the ideal nourishing environment for producing high-quality milk.

Specially Selected Cows

Every drop of our formula milk starts with our cows, which are carefully selected by our farmers based on their health, milk quality and milk composition. Using neck sensors, our farmers closely monitor the health of each cow by tracking their daily activity such as their steps taken, resting periods and food intake. This comprehensive process allows our farmers to optimise the well-being of every cow, which is key to consistently producing high-quality NOVAS™ Signature Milk.

Customised Feeds Tailored to Each Cow’s Nutritional Needs

Our farmers carefully prepare the feed for each cow based on their physiological status, analysing the macronutrient composition of their milk to meet their nutritional needs. Every cow receives a balanced and customised diet that includes rye grass and maize grown in our farms. All of these meticulous preparations are done so we can continually produce high-quality NOVAS™ Signature Milk. This is one of many qualities that set NOVAS™ Signature Milk apart from others.

High Quality NOVAS™ Signature Milk with Unique Features

Geen Toegevoegde Sucrose

No Added Sucrose

The goodness of natural nutrients* without added sucrose.
*refers to milk protein



With TrackEasy, you can trace the milk’s full journey from its source and ensure your product is genuine, safe to consume, and of high quality.



Improved airtight protection lid to keep your formula milk fresh and mess-free.